• Category: News | January 23, 2020

  • The Next 100 Years is a project from the team behind the First 100 Years  dedicated to achieving equality for women in law.

     Over the next decade, they want to accelerate the pace of change by encouraging collaboration across the profession, improving the visibility of women in law and supporting the women lawyers of the future. This year, they have come up with the #FaceTheFuture campaign which aims to capture images of people in the legal profession from around the world in order to build a comprehensive library of the face of law in 2020. The aspiration is to photograph the faces of 1000 people. 

    Martha Grekos was part of that campaign and we hope the photos (which will go on display) capture the inspirational stories of today’s pioneering women lawyers, educating the public on the legacy of the legal pioneers of the past and driving the change needed to create an equal future for women in the profession.

    Further information about the First 100 Year project can be found here: https://first100years.org.uk

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